18 Apr
Discreet dating with a sugar daddy

Discreet dating with a wealthy guy

I need a rich and handsome old for a discreet dating day and night!

Discreet dating – What I need?

A real man, not a boy – rich man who is discreet and generous. I need someone to shower me with affection, presents and money but not to crowd me or try to become part of my everyday life. I need someone to change my life without those in my life knowing about it. Every sexy college girl needs a sugar daddy for a discreet dating. Discreet dating with sugar daddy

Discreet Dating – Why I need it?

Boys my age are horrid and they don’t know how to treat a lady. I want to be spoiled and treated in a manner I could become accustomed to. I’m also in hideous debt with the cost of my tuition spiralling, a car and a credit card I am about to lose and all manner of other small debts mounting into big ones. I want to be a kept woman who is still free.

Discreet Dating – Why I don’t want a relationship?

My parents have very fixed ideas about what they want from their little girl and they really wouldn’t like me becoming a sugar babe. Similarly I actually love going out with my student friends, being scruffy and talking rubDiscreet dating with a wealthy guybish. That isn’t all that there is to me but I worry that I would not be the same in the eyes of my friends if they knew my real tastes. I want discreet dating because this is about me.

I am not defined by the different sides of me and I want to keep them apart. If I have discreet dating I can be a scruffy, rabble-rousing smelly student with my friends or I can pick to be pampered in a spa for endless hours before being bought new, made to measure, clothing and whisked off to the races (or something like that). Discreet dating allows me to be all things to all people.

Discreet Dating – How I am going to get it?

So I’ve decided upon discreet dating but how am I going to ensure that I get what I want? My-Sugar-Daddy is how! I’ve been researching sugar dating for a while and there are a lot of sites out there. The market is flooded with wannabe sites that actually are little more than glorified pimps for escorts. I do want to have sex with my date, I hunger for the touch of an older man; I’m not being paid to have sex. This website for discreet dating My-sugar-daddy is amazing and by far the best and most discreet site out there. You are guaranteed that all the men on the site are genuine sugar daddies who can afford to treat a lady properly. What more could you want?





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