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Financial Slave

Financial slave

Learn how to make a rich guy your financial slave?

Financial slave wanted?

Rinsing a wealthy business man sounds like a dream come true for materialistic young women who yearn for a life of luxury and expensive designer clothes, but few actually understand that the relationship with a financial slave is actually based on clearly defined power dynamics and games of control and submission. The female counterpart to a financial slave is sometimes referred to as a financial dominatrix, and while the name suggests that the whole setup is related to BDSM practices and fetishes, this is not necessarily the case.

How a relationship between fin domme and financial slave works?

A financial slave is typically a successful businessman with a high income, and it may seem counterintuitive to think of a high-achieving guy who is usually in a powerful pfinancial slaveosition at work to be the submissive part in a relationship who allows his financial dominatrix to exercise control over him and how he spends money on her. The idea behind being a financial slave is that you let somebody else take over control, and as it turns out, for senior executives and CEOs that spend most of their time managing other people and making tough business decisions, allowing a woman to rule over them and their money can be a great relief and a vent to release pressure.

Money is power, and financial dominance is a pain-free method to free a rich man from the feeling to always be the one who has to be in control of things. Financial slaves get great satisfaction from giving away their earnings to financial dommes, and in some cases there is not even sex involved in the relationship. Dominating and controlling men for money means that the financial dominatrix is the one to make the call, and some women just use their financial slave by rinsing him dry and forcing him to buy them expensive gifts.

Senior managers and executives are among the most common customers of financial domes as they are usually under the biggest pressure at work, and because a high number of them is actually married, they usually expect their financial dominatrices to be discreet about the nature of their relationship. A financial slave is looking to be used and controlled by an assertive woman that helps him relax and live out his fantasies and dirty secrets. For some women, sex is a special reward for their financial slave which he has to earn by being obedient and meeting all her outrageous demands without hesitation. A professional financial dominatrix takes her time to get to know her financial slave well, as it is not all about the money.

While money is how fin dommes control their slaves, financial domination is a skill that needs to be learned, and it takes more than pushing a rich man to take you on lavish shopping sprees and expensive dinners.





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