03 Jul
Rich guy wanted

How to spot a rich guy?

You want to know how to spot a rich guy?

So how to spot a rich guy if wealth isn’t always in-your-face obvious?

The bad news first: The wealthiest men are usually not as obvious as we would like, which makes targeting a potential sugar daddy in public spaces, bars and clubs somewhat difficult. Rich men usually don’t flaunt their wealth as they are used to a lifestyle that leaves nothing to be desired. Successful men are self-confident enough so that they do not feel the need to show off, and some of them find overly gaudy outfits and extravagant behavior outright tasteless and trashy.

In every major cities there are definitely places where the rich and beautiful like to hang out. Boutique hotels, hip speakeasies in up-and-coming or already posh nightlife districts, classy cocktail lounges…Beautiful young women usually know how to spot a rich guy and where to look for him, and since the first impression counts, they have a natural advantage.

How to spot a rich guy in bars and night clubshow to spot a rich guy

Hot girls usually don’t have to worry too much about how to spot a rich guy, as wealthy men will automatically take initiative and approach them. If a well-dressed gentleman offers to buy you a drink, you know you are in for a treat, so if you fancy him, why not play along to find out what he can offer? Successful men enjoy talking about their career and their hobbies, so ask him about what he does for a living and how he spends his weekend to find out more about him. His job and favorite bars and restaurants should give you a general idea of who you are dealing with and whether he could meet your high expectations or not.

Option B: Meeting a sugar daddy online

You are still not sure how to spot a rich guy or don’t feel confident enough to go to clubs and bars alone in order to find somebody to invite you on a date? Internet dating is an almost bulletproof option for beautiful women who would like to find a wealthy sugar daddy to support them financially. Most dating websites for arrangements with sugar daddies are free to sign up and try out, and the only things you need to do is create your own user profile and upload a nice profile picture – the website will take care of the rest and you don’t even have to think about how to spot a rich guy anymore: Let the rich guys come to you instead!






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