05 Jan

Looking for paypig

The ultimate dream of everyone that becomes a sugar baby is to land the sugar daddy who will not have a problem dishing out the sugar whenever they need him to.

Tips to turn your daddy into a paypig

Well, if you have been in several relationships and aren’t getting what you need to live that life that you dream of as a sugar baby, it is time to start thinking about ways in which you can turn the sugar daddy you hook next into a paypig. Below are some tips that you will find very useful. Paypig

Giving the paypig what he needs

First, you have to have what the paypig wants from his girl. Find out what the person considers as their ideal type of baby. If it is a great body shape, make sure that you work out and acquire it. If they like a sense of humor, try and see how you can improve on that. Most of the time however, making your daddy a paypig depends on how well you perform in the bedroom. As long as you are putting on an impressive show in the area, the man will be glued to you.

The financial state of the paypig

One cannot offer the money that they do not own. This simply means that to offer money, the man will need to be making more than just a decent amount. When registering for the sites, choose the ones that have certain annual income requirements to be met. For instance, you will have an easier time turning a man who earns over $150k a year into a paypig than someone that earns below that.

Submission to the paypig

Always remember that men are the same regardless of where you go, which means that they will generally be impressed by a little bit of those conventional standards that women are held in. The best way to turn a daddy into a paypig is listening to all his needs and whims and becoming the solution to all his problems. When you are in a situation where he believes a problem is unsolved till you have your opinion on it, then he is ready to hook into becoming a paypig.

The one thing that you should never do is try to use underhand tricks such as blackmail to get the sugar because needless to say, things will not end well for you.
These are some of the tips that will land you the best paypig daddies. Take your time and choose among the choices that are available to you. Before agreeing to a sugar relationship with a man, test him to see his willingness to part with cash. If he is willing under certain conditions, note them down and fulfill them. Then enjoy the fruits of your hard work sugar baby.





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