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rich man dressing

rich man dressing

Rich man dressing – types

Do you ever look around when walking on the streets and see some men who look different from others in their walking styles, confidence and dressing code and think ‘that man must be rich’? Well, there are many things that one can relate to a rich man, not only by looking at the dressing code. Not all rich men fancy luxurious jewelry, design clothes, and shoes, but confidence in them tells it all. There are various things to consider when looking for a rich man to date.

Accessories with a looking rich touch of rich men  dressing

Among rich man dressing code, jewelry that looks like a million pounds, though may not shine like it’s the only jewelry in the room. The secret of buying jewelry that makes a man look rich lies in the art of selecting pieces that looks expensive but not too loud. There is a difference between rich man dressing code for professional looks and casual looks. For professionals, they will go for studs, tie clips, collar pins and tie pins. Subtle rings, bracelets, and chains in silver and grey tone fit casual looks much better.

Money clip – rich man dressing

The money clip is another thing that’s a must in a rich man dressing code. It helps in eliminating bulge in back pocket caused by wallet, and also looks slick and classy. Money clips make the access of money and plastics easier. It’s a rich man dressing code to prefer a dark colored wallet. Wallet makes one looks like they have a lot of money, either in the bank or in cash. Black or stainless steel money clip does the magic.rich man dressing
It’s a tradition that rich man dressing code never crush. Rich men know how to do it right, belts are one of the wears that catches an eye. Belt should always match with the shoes. It’s paramount to know that stylish belt is necessary for the strapping style. Black belt with a silver regular buckle scores the highest. Other colors are essential like brown, sued and canvas, but a black belt is a must for dress pants and suits.
Carrying a small leather bag usually gets along well with rich man dressing code. A black or a brown leather portfolio case or a clutch is not only for carrying important documents, keys, cell phone and money but usually, gives that VIP feel. Nylon bag and money belt cannot do the trick the clutch bag gives. When selecting a bag, it’s paramount to match it with belt and shoes colors, remember, rich man dressing code matters

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